Pond Filtration, Pond Maintenance and Aquarium Maintenance, UK

Pond Filtration, Pond Maintenance and Aquarium Maintenance, UK

pondguy also specialise in Aquarium maintenance. pondguy cover all aspects of renovating, cleaning, moving, rehomeing, restocking and equipping Aquarium's.

  For a aquarium to look its best it needs regular maintenance.

pondguy  carry out work on a time table based on what a Aquarium needs, large messy fish need more work as do smaller Aquariums.

Regular maintenance could include.

  1.  Water changes, the amount depends on type of fish, intervals of cleaning and size of tank.
  2.  Filter cleaning, If filter systems become blocked many stop functioning altogether or just pump dirty water around the tank with out any purification.
  3. Glass cleaning, this is purely aesthetic as the fish prefer the algae cover but why have a tank you cant see into.
  4. Checking of the lights. Most lighting tubes only last about 8  months and once past this can cause algae and alter the ambient colour of the Aquarium.
  5. Checking air pumps and air stones. Air pumps need new diaphrams every so often and the stones become clogged and need replacing.
  6. Checking livestock for disease. 
  7. Checking water quality levels.