Pond Filtration, Pond Maintenance and Aquarium Maintenance, UK

Pond Filtration, Pond Maintenance and Aquarium Maintenance, UK

Pro-fish-ional cover all aspects of pond maintenance, no project too large or small.

To keep your pond in great condition it needs regular monthly maintenance and an annual clean out.

Pro-fish-ional covers both these aspects if needed.


  1. Cleaning out filtration units.
  2. Checking water quality levels.
  3. Changing UV bulbs when necessary.
  4. Clearing string algae (blanketweed) and tidying plants.
  5. Changing UVC tube/bulb in early spring.
  6. Checking livestock for disease.    

Annually click here for pics

  1. Draining pond and moving livestock (fish frogs and other wildlife) to a holding receptacle until pond is ready for their return.
  2. All plants removed and cutback or repotted if needed. Fertiliser tablets are planted in the pot in the spring to aid growth.
  3. Pond and edges cleaned with pressure washer (don't do this at home as this needs a gentle touch and a knowledge of pond liner strengths is needed)
  4. All sludge removed and spread on flowerbeds if allowed as it makes great fertiliser.
  5. Filters,uvcs pumps ect are all stripped down and cleaned. Reccomendations given if equipment is old or not up to the job.